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Random Awesomeness!

This was fabolous! Respect to all the artists who contributed to this flash. It´s funny how you can see how different each artist is, but they were all equally good.
Great job you guys!

Timsplosion responds:

I think the variety in styles is probably one of the best things about collabs, that's why we keep making them. Thanks a lot. :D

Love these kinda animations!

Gotta love those stick people killing the shit out of each other. It wasn´t very different from other animations like this, but the scene in the end gave it a bit more originality.

Great job, keep it up! :D

Heh :)

Great choice of the name Thomas :P
Loved the last scene with santa in bikini. No wonder who´s really naughty :P
Great job!

peixeaquatico responds:

santa is cool

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Good, but...

it´s nothing new. I´ve tried tons of games like these, and most of them were better. But i like the feel of the game, although the levels could have been made more different from each other. Anyway, the graphics were good and and the number of levels weren´t too many or too few.


God i suck at this, but anyway it is a good game with a great variety of upgrades. Love this new concept, reminds me of MotherLoad :D


Great game. Very addictive and fun. I like that it got that old pixilated view, and that it uses old 8/16 bit sounds. It matches the game perfectly.

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Needs mastering

Nice try to make a trance like song into a classical song, never seen that before. You drums very good and piano sounded good. The song just needs some mastering and as you already have said it´s repetive and it could be longer.
Anyway, what you have here is good.

Keep it up!


Good song, but i have a question regarding the soundtrack. Why buy it when i can download all the songs from NG? Just me being curious, don´t take it personally. About this song, it really rocks. Sounds happy hardcore´ish. Love your scratch remix, you really hit the notes good. Nice kick btw.


Kr1z responds:

The Synthetica CD contains 16 tracks that are NOT on newgrounds.. They are new and have never been released on NG.
Thanks for the review!

HQ ftw!

Sweet song man! Did you use FL 7 before this song? This is amazing. This be rockin my club, thats for sure. Gotta love club trance!
And yes i did turn up the volume on my HQ headphones to maximize the pleasure! This is good inspiration to me. Gonna make a few new trance projects from what i´ve learned from this one.
Keep it up!


A-New-Decade responds:

Thanks dude. Yea I used FL 7, but I just got 8. I'm happy to be an inspiration to you.


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